At CrossRoads Physical Therapy, we have a wide variety of services and specialized programs to suit many physical therapy and rehabilitation needs.

Acute/Chronic Pain

CrossRoads Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Inc. strives to minimize or eliminate pain through various techniques. Modalities include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, whirlpool, fluidotherapy, iontophoresis, vasocompression, biofeedback, and hot/cold pack treatments. Manual therapy consists of specialized massage techniques to stretch out connective tissue, muscle, joints, and myofascial planes.

Ankle/Foot Rehabilitation

Our therapists have had specialized training and continuing education courses in the management of foot pain to include: Plantar fasciatus, bunions, heel pain, Achilles tendinitis, arch pain, Morton's neuroma, tensynovitis, heel spurs, and compartment syndromes. Specialized joint mobilization techniques involving the small bones of the foot along with balance exercises, flexibility and strengthening help individuals suffering with foot pain. We also offer custom orthotics and custom footbeds for Birkenstock sandals.

Craniosacral Pain

Craniosacral physical therapy helps minimize headaches, face and neck pain. Such techniques are also used to help assist patients in eliminating pain in the low back, sacrum and coccyx (tail bone) by way of intricate and minor movements of the suture lines in the skull.

Facial Pain/TMJ Pain

Therapists at CrossRoads have developed specialized techniques to help address facial pain due to trauma and injury or chronic stress. Tempomandibular (jaw) pain is a common treatment diagnosis that is also addressed at our clinic. TMJ complaints often occur in patients having abnormal head or neck postures, and/or bruxism (grinding of the teeth) at night. The staff at CrossRoads understands this condition and is committed to helping patients get relief.

Hand Therapy

The occupational therapy staff at our office is trained to assist those who have suffered injuries of the hands. Treatments address various conditions including fractured bones, carpal tunnel, DeQuervain's disease and tendonitis as it occurs within the hand. Our staff is well equipped to assist with static as well as dynamic bracing for the hand to meet the client's need for pre and post surgical treatments. Our occupational therapist has extensive training specializing in hand care.


Headaches are a result of increased stress, tightened muscles and poor postures which can contribute to reductions in blood flow to the scalp. Manual therapy techniques such as craniosacral, muscle energy and strain/counter-strain techniques have proven to be very effective when combined with balance or flexibility exercises and postural correction. Often changes in seated work station positions also help alleviate the patient's pain and chronic headache symptoms.

Incontinence and Pelvic Pain conditionsIncontinence and Pelvic Pain Conditions

Our specialized program is geared to assist both men and women with issues related to urinary incontinence and constipation. Surface EMG testing is performed to obtain motor activity of the pelvic floor. Treatment may include electrical stimulation, therapy, exercise, bladder and bowel logs and retraining.

Women may also experience certain pelvic pain conditions related to vulvodunia interstitial cystitis prolapse and vaginismus. Treatment is geared to meet each individual patients needs to decrease pain symptoms and to improve their condition.

Industrial Rehabilitation

The industrial rehabilitation program focuses on an early return to work and light duty job capacity to assist the employee and employer with return-to-work status. This program includes treating acute and chronic pain. Work reconditioning programs include flexibility, strength and endurance exercises matched with the patient's job description to assist them in returning to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Job site analysis is also available to ascertain the hazards that may occur at the work place as well as matching individuals with jobs that meet their own limitations.

LLymphedemaManual Lymphatic Drainage - Complete Decongestive Therapy

Lymphedema is swelling of a certain area of the body, most often an extremity. This condition may make the extremity feel "heavy", limit ambulation, or development of wounds may occur. The treatment consists of manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, fitting for a compression garment, therapy and thorough eduction. Following treatment, pain, swelling/edema are decreased, allowing each individual an improved quality of life.

Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Release

Myofascial release techniques involve stretching the muscle and connective tissue supporting the muscle into fascial planes where they can be freed from underlying injuries. Scar tissue often minimizes the ability for muscles to move across the fascial planes as they should. These techniques help loosen the scar tissue and allow it to move in normal fashion.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Those individuals suffering from stroke, head trauma and neurological diseases can be assisted by our staff as well. Common neurological conditions that are markedly affected with physical therapy include Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson's, and Muscular Dystrophy.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

A full scope of orthopedic physical therapy services covers injuries that occur in all types of sports related tasks. The staff is well equipped to assist in the care of sprained ligaments, muscles, or fractures of bones. We have two masters trained therapists - one with an athletic training certification and the other with an orthopedic clinical specialist certification. The combined clinical experience of these therapists is over 35 years.

Women's Issues / Post Partum / Low Back Pain & Pregnancy Programs

Therapy services available for urge and stress incontinence, pre and post natal care, pelvic floor weakness, low back pain and pregnancy, Lymphedema and chronic swelling.

Crossroads has the expertise to assist expectant mothers before, during and after delivery. Often times pain in the pelvis and low back occurs with sacroiliac dysfunction found during pregnancy. Hypermobility and stretched ligaments during delivery can cause instability where the pelvis connects to the sacrum and the low back. Our staff employs a management program during pregnancy and follows up with strengthening and endurance exercises after the baby's delivery. Specialized bracing can also accommodate the expectant mother and aid in reducing her low back pain.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports physical therapy is an area of emphasis at Crossroads Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Inc. We employ a certified athletic trainer and orthopedic clinical specialist to assist athletes in sports rehabilitation. We offer services and expertise from pediatric to geriatric sports patients. Specialized taping techniques and bracing fabrication are used to get the athletes returning to play as soon as the healing process allows. We are pleased to be working with Hollidaysburg High School in assisting them with various sport program needs. Pre-season fitness profiles and conditioning exercises/drills get the athlete onto the playing field in tip-top shape.

Vestibular Rehabilitation and/or Balance

The staff at Crossroads has the ability to help those patients suffering from dizziness, vertigo, and balance disorders. Various conditions include benign positional vertigo, unilateral weakness, Meniere's Disease, hypolabryinth conditions. A simple balance disorder and rehabilitation program includes canal repositioning and modified Epiey procedures. Balance training combines ocular neuromuscular and vestibular rehabilitation for the overall improvement of balance conditions. Specialized training also makes recommendations for changing the environment for people with balance disorders- During the aging process, flexibility and muscle weakness can occur, as can loss of balance. Each of these areas can be significantly improved through specific physical therapy techniques, thereby profoundly improving one's quality of life.